Need a creative way to get a custom logo design? Start a Design Contest

Today we like to point you to a great business solution we came across when searching for a designer for a new logo: a logo design contest website.

This is how you get a graphic design at

  1. You fill in a form with your specifications. Next you tell what you like and what you don't like. It works well to give examples of what graphic/logo design you like. That will help the designers to understand how your logo should look like.
  2. You set the price (best is to follow the guidelines of They have defined three standard packages you can choose from.
  3. You make the payment via PayPal or Credit Card. As soon as the payment is finished your contest goes live.
  4. Designers start submitting their Logo Designs.
  5. You can give feedback to the designers and eliminate the entries that doesn't meet your expectations during the contest.
  6. When the contest is over you select the winning entry, the winning designer uploads the files and he/she get paid.

Some benefits of placing a contest at

We think it is a need solution. And the best is still to come: just started and has a great introduction offer. When you choose the option contest with a guaranteed fee, doesn't currently charge a placement fee. It can save you some additional money.